A Locksmith Can Install a Keyless Door Lock for Your Home

Here’s a fun fact: the oldest known lock-and-key device is 4,000 years old and was discovered in the Khorsabad palace ruins in Nineveh, which is now modern-day Iraq. While a millennia has passed, the basic concept remains the same: inside the door lock are pins and tumblers (or wooden pegs, in the case of ancient locks) which are unlocked when the proper key is inserted.

However, thieves have also had a millennia to master this security feature, and today, there are many ways they can bypass a locked door, from “bumping” the lock with a special key, to using lock picks to disengage the pins and tumblers, to drilling the lock cylinder itself.

The same inconveniences of carrying a key have also persisted till today—one can imagine homeowners of yore locking themselves out after misplacing their house key. If you want to avoid the vulnerabilities and downside of a typical lock and key, consider getting a more contemporary alternative: the keyless door lock. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2uvZWyn


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