Add Strength to Your Doors and Further Burglar Proof your Home

Doors serve as your primary layer of defense against burglars. They fend off intruders and provide you and your family peace of mind. However, not just any door can do the job, especially an old and worn-out one. The responsibility for maximizing the security of your home rests on your shoulders. Therefore, it helps to educate yourself on the door security options available.

Pick-proofing the entry door’s deadbolt is one way to improve your home’s security. It’s still not enough, however. Many burglars can force a door open despite a deadbolt. In fact, statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation show that 65% of break-ins are accomplished by forcing or kicking in the front, back, or garage service doors. Reinforcing the doors against such force is therefore necessary. Read more from this article:


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