Hey, Did You Happen to Hear the One about the Locksmith Who…?


While locksmith training courses and years of apprenticeship will prepare you for even the most un-pickable of locks, it won’t prepare you for the characters, personalities, and situations you will encounter on the job.
Locked Out Celebrities
Embattled Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan made news when she and former flame, Sam Ronson, got locked out of their house after losing the keys–much to the delight of the paparazzi. If that wasn’t enough of a scoop, the couple had to call a locksmith for assistance and ended up not paying for his services after Lindsay found an open window to the house. The locksmith said Lindsay refused to pay his fee based on her contention that she entered through the window and, therefore, did not need his service after all.
However, one celebrity who wouldn’t be able to dare stiff a locksmith is “Man of Steel” star, Henry Cavill. Due to jet lag, the British actor found himself locked out of his U.S. hotel room. Worse, he was outside of his room completely naked. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2na9kpj

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