Garage Doors Have Come a Long Way over the Years and for Good Reasons

Garage doors, once just a utility to accommodate your car, now assume an integral design element in a home. After all, a front-facing garage can take up to 20% of a home’s facade. It is therefore important that this dominant portal to vehicles and tools coordinates with the exterior aesthetics of a house.


The choices for garage door materials are vast, so, when selecting a door, consider not only its look as it pertains to your home’s design, but also the typical weather in your region. The door material must withstand the elements if you want it to last. Commonly, garage doors consist of either steel, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Each provide a particular aesthetic value and serve their purpose.

Steel doors can be painted to coordinate with your home’s colors and come with or without insulation. Solid wood doors, such as those of redwood or cedar, may be stained or painted for a particular effect. Alternatively, you can choose composite wood doors, consisting of plywood over a wooden frame. Overlays and grooves simulate real wood. Fiberglass doors don’t tend to dent, crack, or rust, and usually come with insulation. Vinyl doors are great for houses with kids because they are extremely difficult to dent, break or otherwise damage. Read more from this blog:


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