Effectively Increasing Security of Doors without Breaking the Bank

You have many choices when it comes to adding security protection to the entry points of your home and garage. Burglars can enter your home through easy-access options that include attached garages and sliding doors. Most homeowners think their homes are protected if they secure the front and back doors. Here are a few more options for you to use to protect your property. You can also contact a locksmith if you want a professional to perform these security improvements properly.

Garage Doors

You can still secure your garage if the door doesn’t have a self-locking mechanism designed into the assembly. Purchase a U-bolt padlock with a steel clasp secured to the frame with longer screws or bolts. This will make it nearly impossible for someone to break into the garage. If the garage is attached to your home, you will need to have a deadbolt installed on the entry point leading into the dining room or kitchen.

Sliding Glass Doors

Installing a lock bar assembly can help prevent intruders from breaking into your home. These devices are being manufactured in various designs to fit into the bottom or top track of the opposite door. Some bar locks are designed to attach to the middle portion of the door. A locksmith can install aftermarket mortise locks to give you extra protection. A criminal will become discouraged and move on if you make it nearly impossible for him to enter your home.

Front and Rear Doors

The door jammer can help you secure the rear door instantly with virtually no installation process. It only takes a few seconds to set up the device to keep intruders from entering the back door. Door wedges work well if placed at the bottom of the door before going to bed. Some door wedges feature an alarm system that will alert homeowners if someone tries to break in during the night. The best protection against intruders is to have high-quality deadbolts installed in both the front and rear entry points to the home.


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