Locksmiths Discuss Common Reasons Why Front Door Locks Malfunction

There are many reasons why front door locks malfunction. Here are four of the most common ones.

Worn Out Weather Stripping

Many homeowners put weather stripping around the inside of the front door frame to keep cold drafts out in the wintertime. When weather stripping begins to wear out, it may begin to move out of place. Loose weather stripping can prevent a door from closing properly, causing a lock to move out of alignment.

Humid Conditions

Extremely humid conditions can cause a wooden door to expand. This can put excess pressure on a door’s lock. The key goes into the door lock, but it may not turn. In this situation, forcing the key to turn could result in a broken key. An experienced locksmith has the equipment and the knowledge to open the door without damage to the lock or the key.

Dirt Trapped Inside the Lock

The inner mechanism of a lock is vulnerable to dirt and grime buildup. This is a possible cause for a malfunctioning lock. The dirt prevents the inner parts of the lock from working as they should. Once again, a skillful locksmith has access to the appropriate tools and supplies that can get a dirty lock back into good working condition.

A Frozen Lock

When moisture gets inside a lock, it can freeze. The key may go into the lock, but it may be difficult or impossible to turn. Dealing with a frozen front door lock can be very inconvenient for the members of a household especially if the temperatures are low and it’s snowing. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be solved very quickly by a knowledgeable locksmith.

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