Three Simple Ways to Make Your Front Door Resistant to Home Burglars

Though burglars can be creative in how they gain entry to a home, one of the easiest ways they can get inside is through the front door. In addition to installing a security system, you can take action to protect your home’s doors and make them more difficult to tamper with.

These three tips will help you make your front door more resistant to burglars.

Door Thickness and Style

Avoid doors that have a large window, as these windows could be shattered by an industrious burglar. Whenever possible, choose the thickest door your home can accommodate. A thick door constructed of steel or solid wood is difficult to kick in or break. If you select a reinforced steel door, make sure it has interior reinforcement so it cannot be bent with a criminal’s tools.

Locks and Strike Plates

A long and strong lock and securely mounted strike plate are also critical to a safe and secure front door. Choose a deadbolt lock that extends deeply into the door frame. Consider having the locksmith or door technician install a secondary deadbolt as well. These locks are one-sided and act as a backup. Make sure the strike plate is made of a deep box and that the screws extend at least 3 inches into the door frame and attach them to the home’s wall studs.

Mounting Hardware

Choose stainless steel mounting hardware. This material resists corrosion. Reinforce the door jamb with galvanized steel. The steel can resist a steel-toed boot of a burglar trying to kick the door in. This type of strong hardware can also resist criminal tools and prying tools such as crowbars and tire rods.


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