Getting to Know the Intricacies of Your Household Doors and Frames

The entry points into your home consist of doors, frames, knobs and locks in most cases. A basic door takes on the brunt of a household’s traffic as people move in and out of the spaces. These passageways are more intricate than just a slab of wood.

Get to know the household’s door-and-frame assemblies so you can appreciate the science behind them.

Solid and Hollow Doors

A close look at your exterior doors will tell you they’re solid cores. They must be heavy to weather any storms and ward off intruders. Interior doorways, in contrast, are hollow. They’re meant to be lightweight so they can swing with ease as the residents move through the area.

A door connecting the garage to the living space, however, is usually solid. This passageway is meant to be a firewall in case a fire breaks out in the garage. Ideally, the door should always be firmly closed at this entry point.

The Accompanying Frames

Your frames are just as important as the door assemblies themselves. The frame supports the door as it swings in place. If you ever notice a sticking sensation at the frame, contact a professional for an evaluation. The entry point may not be properly adjusted from years of use. Contractors can adjust and verify that the frame works with the given door.

This procedure also reduces any drafts between the assemblies. When it comes to exterior doorways, adjustments are crucial to a household’s energy efficiency.

Doorknobs and locks compliment exterior doors, but you can update them with today’s access controls. Ask a professional to install a smart doorknob or access-control module. The home or business will be safer with one of these locks in place.

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