How to Find the Right Locksmith After Getting Locked Out of Your House

In a split second, your front door can close and lock as you’re standing right in front of it. This scenario happens to nearly everyone at some point in their lives. Without a key, your next choice is to contact a local locksmith. Although you may already have a professional in mind, you should still follow a few steps in order to stay safe during this time period.

Obtain Their Mobile Number

Before you hang up with the professional during the initial contact, ask for his or her mobile number. Ideally, give them a call shortly before they’re about to arrive, or have them call you shortly before they get there. You’ll be able to avoid any scams from other people supposedly trying to help you out otherwise. Only let a professional access the home.

Match Up the Information

Although you may have just spoken to the person on the phone, ask for his or her credentials after the arrival. The business card should always match the vehicle’s logo, for instance. South Carolina professionals don’t have to be licensed so any other identification is sufficient.

Get it in Writing

The professional might offer you a verbal estimate on the lock, but ask for a written amount. Reputable workers have no problem with a written estimate because they stand by their quote. You’ll know the person is questionable when a written quote is denied. They may try to change the amount after you let them through your door.

While your lockout problem is being resolved, take note of the professional’s attitude and performance. If you find both satisfactory, keep their number on your speed dial should you need their services again. This way, you will no longer have to panic the next time you get locked out.


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