How a Locksmith can Give you the Best Type of Lock for Home Security

Are you worried about home security? Most of us are, but it doesn’t take an elaborate electronic system or expensive surveillance to make your home harder to access. Your locksmith knows the secret to home security is in the type of lock you use and how it’s installed, regardless of how solid the door is. The choice of most property owners is typically a deadbolt, both for its strength and the fact they are impervious to the common tactics of break in artists.

Choosing a Deadbolt

Although almost any deadbolt will provide more stable protection than a generic door lock, not all deadbolts are created equally. Most experts recommend the following:

– Choose a model with a bolt that’s at least 1/4″ in diameter and that extends at least one inch into the door frame

– A reinforced metal box strike is another essential feature

– When installing the lock, choose screws that are long enough to embed into the door frame itself, and not just into the door jamb; three inches is considered a good length

– Ask a professional locksmith for recommendations

Remember your front door isn’t the only entry point into your home, and a high-quality lock should also be installed on back doors, side doors, and the door between your garage and home. Although a lot of homeowners like the type of deadbolt that requires a key for inside and outside, some cities have banned them because they make emergency access more difficult. Find out if your city has such a ban before purchasing a lock.

Buying a solid deadbolt is an investment in peace of mind. There are a number of brands on the market that have been widely tested by security experts for such strengths as resistance to picking, drilling, and prying. A qualified master locksmith will ensure that it’s installed correctly.


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