Tips on Choosing the Right Kind of Front Doors for Your Home

If you are considering how to make a good first impression for your home, you need a stylish front door. Aside from curb appeal, the front door of most houses is what guests see when they first arrive. Doors add elegance and sophistication to most designs and affect the flow of most houses. If you genuinely want your home to stand out, you need to pay special attention to your front door. 

Door Style and Designs

If you are happy with the current design of your front door, but it needs replacing, then you can select a pre-hung door with the exact same design and color. If you wish to completely replace the front door, you must consider how the door fits with your house architecturally. However, there is an inordinate amount of designs to choose from. You can go traditional or modern. You can choose to add a stained-glass arched door or develop a whimsical style with a six-panel door. Whatever design and style you choose, there is something for everyone.


Most standard front doors and entryways are 32”-36” wide, and larger entryways may require a 42” extra-large front door. You must obtain accurate measurements before you choose a style or design. Accurate measurements save you time and money by not ordering the wrong door before you begin your project.

Other Front Door Variables

Obviously, cost plays an important role in how you choose your front door. However, keep in mind there is an obvious up-front cost to install the new door, but most people fail to consider the long-term costs. Energy efficiency, life expectancy and maintenance all contribute to the long-term costs associated with a new door.


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