Locksmiths Enumerate the Key Steps in Maintaining your Door Locks

Almost every part of your home needs maintenance every now and then to ensure that nothing goes wrong when you least expect it. The same is true with door locks, yet it’s something most homeowners forget to do. This is partly due to their belief that door locks can keep working for a lifetime.

Ask a locksmith, and he will tell you an average lock’s lifespan is only approximately seven years. You can make the most out of your lock’s functions by taking these recommended steps for maintenance.

Clean your Locks

Maintaining your door locks is as simple as cleaning them every now and then. Avoid using an abrasive or a chemical cleaner, though, as it may damage the lock’s finish. Locksmiths recommend the use of a damp rag or a mild detergent to clean your door locks.

Don’t Overlook Annual Lubrication

Graphite lubricants, Teflon, and other dry lubricants are the best ones to apply to door locks. The key is to spray a small amount of the lubricant into the keyway, then run the key in and out of the lock. You may opt for a more thorough lubrication of your locks, though it would involve removing them from the door altogether.

Check your Door

Of course, your locks will only be as effective as your door. Make sure the door is properly hung, with the gap between the door and the frame uniform across the top and sides. Doors which sag or bind tend to place an incredible amount of pressure onto your lock’s bolt or latch, which can lead to you getting locked out of your house.

More importantly, seek help from a locksmith if you’re looking for options to make your home more secure.


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