Four Not-So-Common Services a Locksmith May Provide

It’s no secret locksmiths can get you back into your home or car when you lock yourself out. There are, however, other reasons to consider calling on someone with a professional knowledge of locks that may not immediately come to mind.

Fixing Stuck or Tight Locks

Locksmiths are familiar with all types of locks, including those not found on doors. They can even tackle stuck or tight locks on windows, safes, garage doors, and just about anything else in your home or business that can have a lock.

Door Frame Installation

A lock isn’t going to be all that effective without a secure door frame. In addition to installing locks, some locksmiths also install quality door frames. Selections may extend to door frames made of materials more durable than wood, such as hollow metal or fiberglass.

Purchase of a Safe

It only stands to reason that locksmiths would know how to keep things secure, especially with devices like safes that require a secure lock. Some locksmiths carry an assortment of safes, ranging from wall safes and gun safes to fire safes and house safes. You’re also likely to get a solid recommendation on the type of safe that’s best for your intended purpose.

Home or Business Security

Security is job one for reputable locksmiths. Therefore, the fact that some locksmiths branch out into home or business security makes perfect sense. Security options may include video surveillance equipment and hardware or access control systems that monitor and control entrance to buildings.

Locksmiths have more diverse capabilities beyond the most common services offered by these professionals. If you have an issue with any locks used anywhere in your home or business or questions about security systems, many local locksmiths are prepared to meet your needs.


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