Four Signs That You Might Be Ready for a New Garage Door

It might sound surprising, but a garage door can be one of the most important components of a home. Even if you do not use it daily to park your vehicle, it is still a major factor in your home’s insulation, your family’s safety, and even the value of your property. These are just a few of the reasons that all homeowners should know some of the signs that it might be time to upgrade to a new garage door

1. Ongoing Breakdowns
Homeowners can expect to have a few minor problems with their garage doors over the years, but these issues should be few and far between. When the problems begin to take place multiple times a year, then you should start thinking about replacing the unit entirely.

2. Outdated Efficiency and Safety Features
Even if your old garage door seems to be working well, you might be missing out on some new safety and efficiency features. This includes useful features such as thicker weatherstrips, sealed joints, bottom seals, and additional safety locks.

3. The Door is Sagging or Bent
Older wooden doors will often begin to sag over time. This is especially common with doors that have not been properly reinforced with crossbars or metal beams. Homeowners should never attempt to fix these issues on their own as it could make the door unstable or unsafe.

4. Persistent Noises
There are few issues around the home that are as aggravating as a noisy garage door. In some cases, the noises can be fixed with basic maintenance such as lubing the track. If the noise keeps coming back or is emanating from the motor, however, then it might be time to upgrade the door.

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