Three Common Materials Residential Exterior Doors Are Usually Made Of

For you to make an informed decision on what type of door your home should have, you need to learn the materials that make the door so that you can choose one according to your preference.


Doors made of steel are among the most energy efficient insulation foam core, and are weather stripped carefully by the manufacturing company or hardware. This door type is very resistant to warping, swelling and shrinking. Being made of one of the strongest materials, steel doors can withstand several years of extreme climatically conditions as well as weather with minimum maintenance.

Steel doors can be bought together with the lockset holes as well as the predrilled knobs for the door and this is specifically useful in making the overall installation easier, and comes ready to be painted and pre-primed.


These door type offer easy installation and same energy saving as the ones made of steel. Manufacturers often add a wood grain texture molded into the door, mimicking a realistic wooden look when stained or painted.

They also have a very high composite quality construction that makes them resistant to extreme weather conditions as well as dents and scratches. For extreme climates, they remain the excellent choice as well as high traffic entrances.


A wooden door offers the most traditional look while their heavier weight adds to the security fact as well as sturdiness to a typical home. This type of a door can be stained or painted to bring a warm and natural appearance. A wooden door is usually made by a panel and a frame of construction to counter the seasonal changes as well as the climatically effects. Wooden species that are used in making the door vary, from walnut to fir.


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