Several Security Options for Your Vulnerable Garage Doors at Home

A garage door can be an inviting access point for thieves. It is an often an overlooked access point, so even homes with deadbolt doors, window locks and security systems may be vulnerable to garage break-ins.

Electronic Security

Use of electronic security features is both a blessing and a curse for the garage. A home’s basic security system may not include the garage doors and often doesn’t monitor the door leading from the garage to the house. A professional can install a separate garage security system and link it the home system.

It is also important to ensure a garage door opens only for the owners and closes properly when they leave. Installing a door timer that automatically closes the door prevents the house from turning into an obvious and easy target.

Owners should be aware of any online or networked devices they use that could open their doors. The rise of Smart Home network systems presents the new danger of hackers being able to access the house using only a mobile electronic device. Gone are the days when the push-button door opener was the only thing owners had to keep track of.

Physical Security

A garage door can be compromised in low tech ways, too. Thieves may try to pry open windows or vents looking for access to door buttons that may be nearby. Garage windows should have locks and coverings on them just like house windows do. Windows left uncovered allow thieves to window shop for easy or lucrative targets. Physical break-ins can also be reduced by placing physical locks on the garage door. When leaving for a longer period, it is a good idea to disengage the door from the automatic chain entirely and then lock it.



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